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Brand New Engine Cylinder Head Kubota Engine D905

Brand New Engine Cylinder Head Kubota Engine D905

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Kubota D905 Engine Cylinder Head

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Kubota D905 Engine Cylinder Head
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Engine Cylinder Head
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The Kubota engine cylinder head is a vital part of the whole system. It is located at the top of the engine block where the combustion chamber, valves, and other components are housed. By working together, these components help ensure the proper functioning and performance of the engine.

The Kubota engine cylinder head provides the tight seal needed to contain the pressure generated in the combustion chamber, and directs the flow of engine coolant through the block and cylinder head. It also contains the valves which regulate the flow of air and fuel into the combustion chamber.

In addition, the engine cylinder head assists with cooling by transferring heat away from the combustion chamber. This helps to maintain the correct temperature balance and prevent the engine from overheating.

Overall, the cylinder head is crucial in ensuring the Kubota engine performs its best.



Kubota engine cylinder heads are built to meet the highest quality standards. The materials used, such as high-strength cast iron and aluminum alloy, are carefully selected to resist the demanding conditions of engine operation. With excellent heat dissipation and corrosion resistance, they make sure optimum performance is achieved.

In addition, Kubota cylinder heads are designed with advanced cooling channels to effectively control and regulate the temperature in the engine. This helps to keep the engine running smoothly and prevents overheating, allowing it to reach its full potential.



The Keluo Combustion Chamber Head is an essential part of the combustion engine. It is made in China and is available in custom logo and size to meet the needs of different customers. The surface of the head is polished, providing a smooth and strong finish and enhanced durability. It is suitable for a wide range of construction machinery, and comes in a standard size and weight of 27 kg. The head is also designed for maximum combustion engine and combustion cylinder efficiency.



Keluo Engine Cylinder Head
  • Brand Name: Keluo
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy/Cast Iron
  • Other Name: Engine Head
  • Weight: 27kg
  • Fuel: Disesl
  • Condition: New

Keluo Engine Cylinder Head is designed for cylinder combustion and is made of high quality aluminum alloy or cast iron. It is also known as engine head and weighs 27kg. It is suitable for diesel and is a new product.


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping for Engine Cylinder Head:

The engine cylinder head is securely packaged in a box made of corrugated cardboard. The box is lined with foam to protect the engine cylinder head from being damaged during transit. The box is then sealed with tape for extra protection. The engine cylinder head is then shipped via a reliable carrier, such as UPS, FedEx, or USPS.


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Q1: What is Engine Cylinder Head?

A1: Engine Cylinder Head is a component of the engine which is used to close the top of the cylinder and contain the combustion chamber.


Q2: What is the brand of Engine Cylinder Head?

A2: The brand of Engine Cylinder Head is Keluo, which is made in China.


Q3: What is the material of Engine Cylinder Head?

A3: The material of Engine Cylinder Head is usually cast iron or aluminum alloy.


Q4: What is the function of Engine Cylinder Head?

A4: The main function of Engine Cylinder Head is to seal the combustion chamber and transfer heat to the coolant.


Q5: What is the advantage of Engine Cylinder Head?

A5: The Engine Cylinder Head produced by Keluo has strong bearing capacity and can reduce the noise of engine.

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