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Standard Size Engine Cylinder Head Kubota Engine D902

Standard Size Engine Cylinder Head Kubota Engine D902

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Kubota D902 Engine Cylinder Head

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Kubota D902 Engine Cylinder Head
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Engine Cylinder Head
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Kubota D902
Aluminum Alloy/Cast Iron
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Engine Head
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Product Description:

The Engine cylinder head is an essential component of the Kubota engine, playing a crucial role in its proper functioning and performance. It is located at the top of the engine block, housing the combustion chamber, valves, and other important components.

The engine cylinder head is responsible for regulating the temperature, pressure and flow of air or fuel that enters the combustion chamber. It ensures that the mixture of air and fuel is burned efficiently, which helps to prevent engine stalling, knocking, and other issues. Additionally, it also helps to protect the engine components from the extreme conditions experienced inside the combustion chamber.

The engine cylinder head is subjected to a lot of wear and tear due to the nature of its operation. To maintain optimal performance, it is important to check the condition of the cylinder head periodically, as this can prevent costly repairs and breakdowns in the long run.



Kubota’s engine cylinder heads are designed to be incredibly reliable and durable. The materials used are carefully selected and rigorously tested to stand up to the challenging conditions of engine operation. High-grade cast iron and aluminum alloy are used to craft them, offering excellent heat dissipation and corrosion resistance. Additionally, their designs feature advanced cooling channels to maintain optimal temperature and prevent overheating.



Keluo engine cylinder head is designed for internal combustion engines. With a standard size, it is made from high quality materials and is brand new. This cylinder head is an essential part of Kubota engine, and it can provide efficient power to the engine. It is also known as engine combustion head and internal combustion chamber head. It is durable and reliable, and provides a one year warranty, making it an excellent choice to meet your engine needs.



Engine Cylinder Head
Brand Name Keluo
Place of Origin China
Surface Treatment Polishing
Type Cylinder Head
Weight 27kg
Function Seal
Size Standard Size




Standard Size Engine Cylinder Head Kubota Engine D902 0



Q1: What is Engine Cylinder Head?

A1: Engine Cylinder Head is a part of the engine that contains the cylinders and valves that the fuel-air mixture is drawn into and then ignited in the combustion chamber.


Q2: What brand is Engine Cylinder Head?

A2: Engine Cylinder Head is made by keluo, a brand from China.


Q3: What is the purpose of Engine Cylinder Head?

A3: The purpose of Engine Cylinder Head is to seal the combustion chamber and direct the fuel-air mixture into the cylinders.


Q4: How does Engine Cylinder Head work?

A4: Engine Cylinder Head works by sealing the combustion chamber. The valves in the cylinder head then allow the fuel-air mixture to enter the cylinders, where it is then ignited.


Q5: What materials are used to make Engine Cylinder Head?

A5: Engine Cylinder Head is typically made from a combination of aluminum and iron alloys, depending on the specific application.




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